Fishy goings on,Antonio's (Ciudad Real,Spain 27th December,2008)

Well, I'd already written this once but accidentally deleted it when I was adding the photos, so as you can imagine I was very peeved! So this will probably be a shorter version. Every Christmas we usually go to a restaurant with our friends. This year we went on Boxing Day which was quite good as usually Boxing Day isn't celebrated in Spain. We went to a new restaurant,Antonio's, which was spacious, emphasized by mirrors on the back wall, and fairly modern. As it was an Xmas dinner we had a set menu, we were supposed to have a cheaper menu but due to a slight cock-up they brought us a more expensive menu of about 40euros.

The starters consisted of jamon serrano and unfortunately for me,lots of seafood(I don't like seafood or fish). There were clams, octopus, navajas(razor clams-I'd never even heard of them till Icame to Spain !), prawns and gulas (a type of fake eel-hake noodles?-I have no idea what the correct translation is!) As I didn't eat very much, I'm not sure how truthful of a review I can give you.In the end, I asked for a plate of Manchego cheese and cold sliced meats such as chorizo, lomo(cured pork loin), salchichon(a bit like salami).Judging by everyone's plate though, it was very good as there weren't many leftovers!

You had a choice of fish or meat for your main course, I chose meat of course! Roast suckling pig served with a couple of pototoes and pimientos de Padron(a type of green chilli pepper). This was by far the best part of the meal. The meat was soft and tender, with a layer of crispy crackling on top. It was cooked to perfection. The only thing I could've done with is more of the accompanying potatoes and veg.

Dessert was a bit of a disappointment. We had a selection of small cakes, consisting of a tiramasu-type cake(I don't like coffee flavoured things!), a Spanish-style cheesecake, a flan-type thing and a ice cream cake thing covered with crocant. It was ok but I left most of it. It's just not the stodgy, gooey, sticky kind of dessert that I like to stick my teeth into! We then rounded off the meal with an after-dinner liquor, Orujo(literally herb liquor-I have no idea what it's made of) The restaurant is good and I'd go again although I think there are better restaurants in Ciudad Real. They actually let us pay 35 euros for it as it was their mistake, which was good of them although for what I ate, I thought it was a bit overpriced but then again,I'm just a fusspot!

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