Cooking with kids:Traditional Flapjacks

Every Sunday my niece comes to play,speak and learn English so I thought it´d be nice to try a spot of baking with her, bearing in mind this was my first time trying to bake with kids!! A disaster waiting to happen almost!! As I am getting married this year and don´t want to put on any weight, I´m trying not to do too much baking or eat too many biscuits and cakes so I went for a recipe from my Weight Watchers recipe book. I decided to make traditional flapjacks as I thought it would be a fairly easy recipe to do with kids. Maybe not the most kid-friendly recipe as you have to stir the mixture over the heat most of the time and there wasn´t a lot that a child, especially if they are quite young, could actually do. She got to add the sugar and oats etc but it was got a bit messy as some of the sugar and oats ended up on the floor, on the hob, everywhere!! Or maybe it was just my own inexperience of baking with kids!! Anyway, we had fun doing it and next time, I´m hoping I´ll learn and pick a more kid-friendly recipe. Unfortunately, my niece doesn´t like sweet things and wouldn´t even try any of the flapjacks. I´m hoping I can eventually bring her round to the sweeter things in life.

Here´s a link to the recipe I used from Weight Watcher´s seeing as I didn´t tweak or change anything....the only slight difference was that I used a mixture of butter and margarine....so much for trying to bake something low-fat!! If you can´t find golden syrup, you could replace it with honey. You could also dip the flapjacks in chocolate or add nuts, raisins or other dried fruit.

Weightwatchers flapjack recipe (maybe not the best photo and next time I´d take them out about 5 mins earlier!)
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