Cooking England County by County: Bristol: Bristol Cake

I have been a bit quiet lately as I haven´t had much time for blogging. We have moved onto a new county, Bristol, and finding recipes has become a bit of an elusive task as no matter how much I delve, the only recipe I´ve managed to come across so far is this delicious Bristol Cake recipe, and another reason for my silence. It is yet again an unknown dish that I´d never heard of before but it´s definitely a keeper, as the resulting sponge cake has a lovely flavour and taste. In my opinion, it is a slightly drier or denser type of sponge cake and I usually prefer a spongier,moister cake but next time, I´d cook it for slightly less time than the recipe states maybe 10-15 minutes less,just to compare it.

My only qualm with this recipe is that it doesn´t reccommend the size of cake tin to use and I think I put it in too small or too shallow a tin as it was quite full and I think that is what might have caused it to dome and crack in the middle. However, as I have never seen or heard of this cake before, I don´t know what it´s supposed to look like and whether it is normal for the cake to dome and/or crack. My baking friends, Amelie, Cristina, Rosa, Ana,Halima,Glo and Nati, are often a great source of help and support to me and they reassured me that this cake looked pleasantly rustic otherwise it might never have made it to the blog and it definitely turned out to be a success.Oh, and one more thing, if anyone does know of anymore regional recipes from Bristol, please let me know!

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