Baby Cupcakes & Glace icing

I´m on a baking roll at the mo!! I saw these cute baby shower cupcakes on the Internet and thought they didn´t look too difficult to make so I thought I´d have a bash at making them for some friends, who´ve just had their second baby, a baby boy. I found some blue paper cupcake cases in the Chinese shops and made a simple vanilla cupcake (if you want I can post the recipe). I was a little disappointed as the cupcakes didn´t have as strong a vanilla flavour as I was expecting them to have, maybe it has something to do with using aroma de vanilla (I´m not sure if it´s exactly the same thing as vanilla essence or extract but it´s the closest I can get where I live!) I´ve come to the conclusion that I need some a muffin pan as the one I have is better for fairy cakes.

Glace icing is one of the easiest frosting for cakes however I´ve only made glace icing a few times and usually I´ve never had enough to cover the whole cake/s. So, this time I referred to the Internet but my icing turned out too thin so I added more icing sugar and a little water until it had the perfect consistency. This is my recipe for glace icing:

200g icing sugar
2tbsp and 1/4tsp water
Mix until it reaches right consistency and spreadability.

After consulting the Internet once again about how to obtain a skin-coloured icing, I added one drop of red food colouring and two drops of yellow food colouring (which you can now also find in the supermarket Eroski!!).I think my skin tone colour turned out pretty realistic even if I do say so myself. Using the chocolate icing pen, I drew a little curl for the hair, the eyes and mouth. For the dummy, I used gummy sweets. I used red euro style gummy coins although I had wanted something with a more oblong shape but couldn´t find exactly what I was looking for! On the website where I first saw these baby cupcakes they used Lifesavers or you could also use fruit Polos but seeing as I couldn´t get either of these in Spain, I saw some gummy sweets with a plastic dummy holder, which were perfect. I pulled off the gummy sweets and made a slit in the gummy coins and inserted the plastic dummy holders into the gummy coin, then stuck it into the cupcakes and vóila, you have some easy and really cute baby shower or christening cupcakes!


  1. Hola Tracey:
    Qué buena y bonita esta receta. Me alegro te hayan gustado el postre de fresas sin nata que he hecho para el evento del blog de Zorra Ohne Besos mil y gracias.

  2. Hola Tartasacher! Me alegro que te gusta está receta y está super facíl y mono! Me estoy aprendiendo mucho aunque no salen tan bonitos como tus tartas y postres! ; ) besos


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