Just a quick note to explain my recent AWOL! I have been very busy these past months what with trips, job hunting, moving to a new flat and working at the new jobs that it hasn´t left me with much time for blogging. Plus, I still haven´t got Internet in my new flat yet....although we´ve been waiting for almost a month now! Things move very slowly in Spain! Although I´m hoping to have Internet by the end of the month and then will get back to blogging hopefully!! I have an account of my trip to New York pending and also some new recipes I´m dying to try out!


  1. Wow, I could imagine how overwhelming it will be with all these changes. Hope you will settle very soon! Warm wishes!

  2. Hi Janet! Thank you for your lovely comment! Things are starting to settle down now so hope to get back to blogging a bit more frequently now! Take care!


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