My beautiful wedding cake

Here are some photos, courtesy of Amelia (who made my cake) of my beautiful wedding cake- she really did us proud and made a wonderful job of it. It was delicious too. My wedding cake was a typical traditional fruit cake with marzipan and icing. I was really worried about how it would arrive to Spain from Portugal after a long car journey with quite a few curves to go round. Luckily, it arrived without any problems, only for my boyfriend to trip up when my stepdad and him were transfering it from the car to a room in Casa Pepe!!! Fortunately, they didn´t drop the cake and it was unharmed!


  1. Gorgeous wedding cake you have there! Congratulations! and wish you happy ever after!

  2. Thanks for your well wishes,Janet! Glad you like the cake!

  3. So glad your beautiful cake made its cross country journey in one piece!

  4. Thanks, Anne! Not half as relieved as I was I can assure you! I think it was one of the things I was most worried about!!


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