Baby Bottle and Pram Decorated Biscuits & the sad news that Fabricando Delicias is closing!

I offered to make some decorated biscuits for my friend´s baby's Christening for her to give as favours so this was my second practice attempt. The first attempt the biscuits turned out fine and were really tasty but the decorating was a little ham-fisted to say the least. I didn´t have proper icing bags and although I had a go at trying to make them out of baking parchment, they weren´t very successful so the icing was running out very quickly and I couldn´t really control it and they were decorated a bit messily. Last time I used this ready-made royal icing that you have to melt in boiling water but it´s quite difficult to get the right consistency plus when you are piping you burn your hands (unless I just need more practice with this frosting!). I used the biscuit recipe that we were given on the Christmas biscuit decorating course at Fabricando Delicias and in no time, whipped up the biscuits. This time I was armed with disposable icing bags and I decided to use a traditional royal icing recipe, which is made with raw egg whites. I found this much easier to use and handle and although it was a bit thick for flooding, I added a little water to get a thinner consistency, perfect to fill in the biscuits. I tried a couple of different designs for the biscuits to see which design my friend preferred. I had wanted to decorate the prams more elaborately but as it was pretty late by that time and I had run out of icing, I left them quite plain. I think they turned out quite well for a beginner and my friend seemed to like them. I´m a little confused though. Can anyone tell me if it´s ok to use royal icing with egg whites to decorate biscuits if you´re going to eat them? I saw on some British websites that this is the type of royal icing usually used, however some American websites claimed you shouldn´t use this kind of royal icing if you are going to eat it because of the risks of salmonella. Is this just Americans being overcautious? I think if I do end up making these biscuits for my friend´s baby´s Christening, I´ll just use the meringue powder recipe to be on the safe side! Unfortunately, I found out that Fabricando Delicias, the shop where I bought many of my cake decorating products and where I enjoyed and learnt a lot about cake/biscuit decorating in the three or four courses I took, are going to close their doors soon, due to lack of time and illness. This is a great shame as it means I´ll have to try and teach myself or attend courses in Madrid and it won´t be as handy as I will have to plan ahead if I want to make any fondant cakes etc as I´ll have to order the fondant or equipment online! I´d take over the shop myself if I knew anything about running a shop or a business!

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