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Well, it´s that time of year again...finally even though it seemed like it would never arrive, that time when all teachers breathe a deep sign of relief as now the start of the holidays has begun. However, with the holidays comes the hot weather and baking loses a little of it´s appeal due to the sweltering heat. I, on the other hand, decided to brave the heat and attempt these Catherine Cakes, another Bedfordshire staple, I´ve never heard of or tried before. I didn´t know much about them and even after Googling them, wasn´t much the wiser as I´m not sure if they are meant to be a sweet bread or bread or even if they should be baked as a whole cake or as little buns...I opted for the little buns as I think they are easier to share round and keep as a big slab of cake would probably go stale more quickly. The only other thing I found about these cakes is they are named after Catherine of Aragon and were made for her and they are normally made and eaten on the 25th November, St.Catherine´s Day.

I used the following recipe from Recipewise but as I was unsure what quantity it would make, I only made a quarter of the recipe and also decided  to divide them into small buns. If you follow the recipe sticking to it fairly strictly, they are fairly simple to make, even for inexperienced bread makers such as me. I added slightly too much egg,making the dough a very sticky mess but this was soon corrected by adding a little more flour. The smell of these baking was divine and was soon wafting through the house...it´s worth making these for the smell alone. I have to say that they were pretty tasty too although I was a little disappointed as I expected them to be sweeter and more cakey, a little bit like a scone but they were actually more bready than a scone. They were quite a big hit with my husband and friends though, although I think I´d  have prefered them with a bit of jam and butter! Go on, give them a go and let me know what you think! So that´s all for Bedfordshire although I am sure there are more recipes from this county...the next county we´re heading off to is Berkshire. I wonder what kind of regional recipes we will find there!


  1. Tienen una pinta estupenda!! Habrá que probarlos!

  2. Mil gracias Un Pedacito de Cielo! Si, por supuesto a lo mejor al siguiente quedada repostera!!xxx

  3. These are definitely a new one on me, its been a long time since went to that county but don't recall them... I am intrigued and have bookmarked!

  4. I hadn´t heard of them before either when I came across them and found it difficult to find images of them on the Internet...some images showed it as a whole cake loaf, others as small individual cakes. Let me know what you thought if you make them!!

  5. As usual Tracey, lovely and surely very yummy little cakes! Maybe you could eat them with a bit if jam?
    thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks Amélie! I think they´d be delicious with some butter and a generous dollop of jam! Next time I´ll have to try them like that...maybe you can come and have one too! ; )


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