Britz Backlash (23rd Feb,09)

Well, we certainly did well in the Oscars and what with the Brits Awards too, it seems like there is a real backlash at the moment so to get into the spirit of things thought you might find it interesting and helpful to have a list of the most important ingredients in British cooking but not in any particular order. I got this idea off Sunflower´s really useful Chinese ingredients list so am not so original, I´m afraid! If I´ve missed any, please let me know! In fact, many of these ingredients are difficult to find where I live in Spain so end up having to stock up.

1. Cheese- there is a variety of English cheeses such as Stilton, Cheddar, Cheshire, Lancashire which can be used for sauces, main meals, sandwiches, salads even desserts.

2. Gravy granules- Bisto is the best brand

3.Stock cubes- Oxo and Fallo are the best- used in meat dishes such as casseroles, stews etc

4. Fresh cream- single/double/clotted-the thickest and most delicious cream ever- sauces, main meals, cakes, desserts and sweets e.g fudge

5. Custard/ Custard powder (Bird´s) - desserts, cakes, serving

6. Worcestershire sauce- Lea & Perrins-soups, casseroles/stews

7. Beer/Lager/Spirits e.g. Guiness, Bailey´s, Pimms etc- batter, casseroles/stews, meat dishes, bread, even desserts and cakes.

8. Sausages e.g Lincolnshire, Cumberland- casseroles, toad-in-the hole etc

9. Treacle- Lyle & Tate´s- desserts, sweets

10. Golden syrup-Lyle & Tate´s- cakes, biscuits, desserts, sweets

11. Rhubarb - side dishes, sauces, desserts, jam, cakes

12. Gooseberries- sauces, desserts, jam,

13. Suet- puddings, pastry, cakes

14. Oats- Quaker Oats/ Scots- porridge, biscuits, cakes, desserts

15. Malt vinegar- serving on chips, pickling

16. Lemon curd - cakes, desserts, breakfast

17. Baked Beans- Heinz- jacket potato fillings, toast, main meals/pasta dishes

18. Barley- beer, drinks, stews/casseroles

19. Black pudding/ Haggis - starters, main meals

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