New Year, New Resolutions (Jan 25th,2009)

Happy New Year! I haven´t been doing much blogging because I haven´t been doing much cooking as I haven´t needed to! It´s been hectic times, first I was in Spain for Xmas with the "in-laws" so didn´t do much cooking, apart from a trifle and Egg Nog to have some British traditions over the festive period. Then, it was off to Portugal to spend some quality time with my parents. I made a couple of vegetarian meals for them and a German meal "Jaegerschnitzel & Spatzle" but didn´t get round to blogging them.

A lot of time was spent playing with my parents´ two Cairn terriers, Eve and Amber, reading and watching lots of British TV...particularly Masterchef, Saturday Kitchen and a couple of episodes of Come Dine With Me. I even managed to catch up with some of the soaps like Eastenders. And how can I forget stuffing my face with all my fav food...we even had a delicious if overdue turkey Christmas dinner! It was great to spend so much time with my parents and have a relax. This is the life,eh? We even squeezed in a brief trip to England.

Well, it´s that time of year when people start to make those promises which more often than not get broken, resolutions. After leafing through one of my mum´s books " You Are What You Eat", which is really interesting, this year my resolution is to eat more healthily. A hard task when you´re a foodie and everything that is tasty is forbidden! Eating healthily means eating fish so it means overcoming my dislike for fish and seafood....can see this being broken right off! The book recommends drinking warm water with lemon juice in the mornings and in the evenings...Disgusting, you may think but it´s not actually as bad as it sounds. Tastes a bit like Lemsip. Apparently, it cleans your bowels and it does seem to work. I´ve also been trying to drink more water and drink liquids half an hour before or after I eat as it´s better for digestion. Watch this space for more info about how I get on and hopefully I´ll be blogging some healthy yet tasty recipes as well as the usual unhealthy ones!

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