Valentine´s Surprise Cupcakes/Fairy Cakes

I decided to make these cupcakes/fairy cakes to enter in a Valentine´s Day competition held by Dulce Kitz & in conjunction with Fabricando Delicias.... so wish me luck! I saw the recipe in my Big Book of Cakes & Cookies by Hannah Miles and had been wanting to try it out. As I copied the recipe exactly and didn´t change anything, I´m not going to blog the recipe but I´ll just tell you that the cupcakes contain cocoa and natural yoghurt.

The surprise element is that you place a chocolate-covered sweet or candy in the middle of the cake, which I suppose is supposed to melt,leaving a gooey, sticky centre when you bite into it. I wasn´t sure what kind of chocolate-covered sweets to use(seeing as my book is in Spanish and I wasn´t very sure of the translation). In the end, I found some white chocolate skulls (not really very romantic!) with a strawberry filling which I used. The sweet didn´t melt as I expected it to but still tasted ok in the cake!

I bought some Wilson heart cupcake cases and some heart sprinkles from Fabricando Delicias. After the cakes had cooled, I covered the cake with a chocolate ganache and decorated it with silver balls and the heart sprinkles. Just one idea of what you can make or give to your sweetheart this Valentine´s Day!


  1. Qué preciosos!!! Muchísima suerte!!!!!!!!
    Gracias por leer mi blog, a mi me encanta tu blog y me voy a leer ahora unas cuantas recetas :)
    Necesito tus consejos para mi sección de recetas inglesas!


  2. Thanks Alma!Glad you like my blog and hope you enjoy the recipes...I´m looking forward to the rest of your section about English recipes!Most of my British recipes so far are cakes etc..I´d like to add more main dishes. I made some current buns a couple of weeks ago intending to blog them but as I wasn´t entirely convinced of the recipe, I ended up not blogging them. ; )


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