La Viña Restaurant, Ciudad Real

When my parents come to visit, we like to take them to different restaurants and my mum´s visit during Carnival was no exception. We discovered this restaurant by accident as due to my timetable I had to eat early and it was one of the only restaurants near the university that I could eat at before 2pm! Needless to say we really enjoyed it and ended up going every Thursday after that!

The restaurant, situated near the University on Rosalia del Castro 1, is half cafe/bar, half restaurant so the restaurant part itself is fairly small but is adequate. One of the things I like most about this restaurant is that the Menu Of the Day has quite a few options which is great for a picky eater like me as I can usually find something I like!However, the day we went with my mum, I found it a little disappointing. I didn´t like any of the starters, Mum had a fish stew and Andrés had fideua, which they both really enjoyed. For our mains, I had lamb chops and chips, which were really tasty, Mum had churrasco (pork fillets) and Andrés had fish with salad.

For dessert I chose homemade yoghurt in an effort to be more healthy and Mum and Andrés ordered this chocolate sponge cake thing. Unfortunately the yoghurt turned out to be banana flavoured and as I can´t stand anything that tastes of banana, I ended up swapping desserts with my mum. I wasn´t that impressed with the sponge cake dessert either so dinner was not a success for me! Serves me right for being such a fusspot!

Despite not having had the best of meals this time, I would reccomend this restaurant as the food is clearly homemade, well-cooked food and the Menu of the Day is quite a reasonable price at 12 euros per person. I have had lovely starters such as stuffed courgette and their white chocolate panacotta is to die for!

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