Cranberry sauce, Red onion and Mozzarella Pizza

I have the people on the BBC Food Messageboard to thank for the idea of this recipe. I had almost 1/2 jar of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce left over from Christmas and didn´t have any ideas what to do with it. One of the suggestions was pizza with cranberry sauce instead of tomato sauce, red onions and Brie or goats cheese. As I am pregnant and didn´t want to risk eating Brie or goat´s cheese, I decided to use Mozzarella cheese, which I had lurking in my fridge waiting to be used.

The resulting pizza was absolutely delicious...in fact probably one of the nicest I´ve ever made. I only wish I had taken a photo of it for the blog.

Ingredients (for 2)

1 ready made pizza base (I used Carrefour´s)
a couple of spoonfuls of leftover cranberry sauce
1/2 red onion
5-6 mushrooms,sliced
1/2 courgette, sliced
Mozzarella cheese
olive oil

1.Prick pizza base with fork and spoon over cranberry sauce, not too much otherwise it will be too sweet.
2. Fry onion, mushroom and courgette in olive oil till semi-tender, then place on top of pizza base.
3. Finally slice Mozzarella and place on top of the vegetables.
4.Cook in pre-heated oven at about 200-220ºC for about 15-20 mins (cook according to packaging instructions)

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