The Art Of Sugarcraft: Basic Skills DVD: A Review

As promised,here is the review of the DVD The Art of Sugarcraft:Basic Skills. This DVD may not feature a very famous cake decorator as far as I know but it is still a great bargain as you can find it on Amazon for under 3 pounds. Unfortunately, the supplier I bought it off didn´t send it to Spain so I had to get it sent to a UK address and my mum picked it up for me when she went to the UK.

The DVD is hosted by Jenny Harris and Sara Carter, who are both International Gold Medal Winners. They show you a variety of basic skills and techniques needed for cake decorating which includes marzipanning and coating a cake in sugar paste, crimping, piping, etc. Their explanations are clear and very informative, almost as if a friend were giving you a class in their own home. This DVD is a great starting point for those who want to learn how to decorate cakes as a hobby. I can´t wait to get started and try out all the things I´ve learnt from this DVD although some things seem quite complicated even though they´re supposed to be basic skills!! Plus, it looks like you need a lot of equipment for decorating!

The only down side to the DVD is the filming seems to be quite amateur. It almost seems more like a homemade video production than a professional production due to its poor quality. That being said, I´d still recommend it as you can´t beat the price and it is a great place to start if you are a novice cake decorator like me! It´s much cheaper than doing a cake decorating course!


  1. Hola Tracey:
    Gracias por tu bonito comentario en mi blog. Enhorabuena por tu boda y espero que tengas la tarta más bella del mundo. Mil besos y gracias

  2. Hola Tartasacher!Muchíssimas gracias!! Ya tambien espero que sí porque viene de Portugal!!!!(solo ví un sitio en Madrid que hacía tartas de fondant cuando lo estaba buscando y era muy caro)Problemente publicaré un foto de mi tarta de boda!Besos


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